Real-Time Electronic Service
Receipts and KPI Reporting

ProFSR was developed for the Industrial Services Industry,
primarily for shutdowns and turnarounds where large complex
crews are working around the clock to clean and service
plant facilities. On-site staff complete digital service receipt forms on a mobile tablet or PC to enter labor, equipment
and materials using dropdown lists. As the data is input,
it is validated and stored simultaneously in a SQL Server
database. Job progress and KPIs are viewable the same
day the service receipt is filled out providing fast, accurate
processing of payroll and billable records.

Compliance with SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act) is also a key
feature of ProFSR by assigning accountability for each step
of the job process. ProFSR is designed to be easy-to-use,
robust, and accurate. Redundancy and errors that used to
occur by manual data entry on paper forms are eliminated.

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