Merlin Web User Guide
Eyasco, Inc 


SiteHawk is a tool that displays station and sensor information in a GIS framework. Using the SiteHawk tool, a user can see the current alarm status of all stations at a glance, and quickly view current data values and charts.
Using the SiteHawk Admin Interface, the user can create new maps or modify existing maps, add or remove stations from a map, and create buttons that filter stations according to measurement type. These filtered stations will then display a thumbnail chart image when moused over.
The user can navigate around the map using the mouse (click-drag and center wheel zoom), or by using the navigation controls on the upper left of the map window.
In its basic state, SiteHawk displays the current alarm state for each station. If multiple alarms are present at a station, the alarm type with the highest alarm ID is displayed. A legend to the left of the map display indicates the alarm ID rankings and the color displayed for each alarm state (see Figure below). User also can select fixed color for each station via Data Library page.
The alarm message also displays as station level metadata. User can see the station level metadata by putting the mouse on the station.